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Youtube Channel 1.000 subs

1 000 Subscribers

$ 5

YoutubeChannel 1.000 subs

1 000 Subscribers

$ 5

YouTube + 1000 subscribers

1 000 Subscribers

$ 3

YouTube Channel 1000 subscribers

1 000 Subscribers

$ 3


Games Movie Music

13 100 Subscribers

$ 120



5 994 Subscribers

$ 200



515 Subscribers

$ 2


Motivation Sport

22 Subscribers

$ 3



1 100 Subscribers

$ 3


14 300 Subscribers

$ 250

Youtube channel

25 500 Subscribers

$ 500

Yotube Channel

1 000 Subscribers

$ 4

Youtube Channel 1000+ Subscribes!!!

1 000 Subscribers

$ 3


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Where is the best place to buy a YouTube channel?

YouTube has been actively developing for many years, which allows you to make money on it. This is quite easy to do by simply using followers or running ads on the platform.

To buy your first YouTube channel, you will need special sites like Madbid, which allow you to choose a wide variety of options.

What types of YouTube channels?

Today on YouTube there are a huge number of channels with a wide variety of topics. It is for this reason that selling samp accounts is no less popular.

The choice of channel depends on many criteria:

number of subscribers;
subscriber activity;
number of videos;
average number of views;
The theme of the channel is one of the most significant factors that influence the “return” of the channel. In principle, selling VK groups is not much different from how you can buy an account in KS or buy a YouTube channel. If you choose a special platform, you will be able to select any channel on it and complete the purchase.

As for the topic, the sale of YouTube channels directly depends on the content, otherwise even a large number of audience and its activity will not be of much benefit.

Current prices for YouTube channels

To buy a YouTube channel, you need to calculate your budget in advance. It is also important to consider that buying a YouTube channel does not always mean getting a big “income” from the audience. In this case, it is important to take into account a number of related criteria.

Buying a cheaper YouTube channel will also not always be a good solution, because the sale of YouTube channels and, accordingly, the cost may depend on the topic or even the country where the seller or buyer is from.

It is important to note that buying or selling accounts on YouTube or other social networks may violate platform rules and result in sanctions, including account suspension. Many platforms have policies against buying or selling accounts. Therefore, the YouTube advertising exchange or special sites provide many times more guarantees than third-party resources.

Instead, it is better to build your own content and audience as this is the safest route. To start such activities, a purchased channel with a small number of subscribers will be useful.

Buying a channel on the exchange?

The exchange is needed not so much for the variety of channels, but for the security and speed of the transaction. It is thanks to these exchange functions that this type of transaction is increasingly being chosen by ordinary users and even companies.

A purchased YouTube channel in this context becomes an addition to an advertisement or promotion scenario for another platform.

At the same time, through the exchange you can buy a YouTube channel with monetization for personal purposes: developing a creative page or recruiting subscribers for a channel with everyday life. All these needs are covered by a transaction on the stock exchange.

Selling a channel through the guarantor exchange

The exchange is also called a guarantor because of its security protocols. Through it, YouTube subscribers will be able to buy and also get the necessary activity from them.

The entire process of purchasing through the exchange is quite simple:

first you need to go to the exchange website;
then, before you buy a YouTube account, you should look at all the active and available options;
further you can see all the necessary information about the channel.
After that, in order to buy SAMP accounts or any other channel, you need to register and proceed to purchase.

On the exchange you can also find all the necessary pages on other platforms. It all depends on the purpose of their purchase. For example, Telegram channels are also suitable for advertising, where it is very easy to advertise.

Exchange guarantor guarantee when selling a channel

To sell or buy a YouTube channel, you don’t need to go through a very long and complicated process. All you have to do is select a channel and trust the site’s security protocols.

For example, if you want to sell a SAMP account or any other channel, during the transaction the funds pass through the site. That is, the buyer and seller cooperate through a kind of intermediary. This is much safer for all participants in the transaction.

Conducting such transactions through private individuals is unsafe and usually excessive gullibility ends in loss of money. What is important to understand is that the channels themselves are tested through exchanges. After all, the number of subscribers does not always indicate their quality.