Back to School – 10 Tips for Online Shopping


Those of you with kids will know the mixed emotions associated with their children going back to school. We asked MadBid’s customers how they felt about it – and they were overwhelming looking forward to it, almost 75% in fact, yet the majority worried about the cost. With good reason to...

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MadBid donates for the Nepal Earthquake victim’s relief


Thousands of people were affected in a devastating 7.8 degree earthquake near Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu. According to reports there have been hundreds of deaths and thousands more injured. Furthermore, many people’s homes, public buildings, and even some hundred years old monumen...

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Donation to Charity – MadBid Supports The Children’s Trust


Madbid supports the Children’s Trust.  MadBid met TV news presenter Nicholas Owen and Actress Amanda Burton at The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury, on the 18th October 2014 to hand over a cheque for the money that was...

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MadBid Reviews: How to Use Credits


MadBid reviews outline the different ways you can enjoy your shopping experience every time you visit the website. In this review we will be covering MadBid Credits.   First thing you should know about the MadBid website is, in order to join the auctions you need to purchase credits. It&r...

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MadBid vs eBid: New Era of Online Auctions


Online auction sites have been around since 1998, but there is still a lot of uncertainty about how they work.  If you are unsure, or simply want to find out which online auction is for you, here is our run-down of the most popular types of online auctions and how they work.   First ...

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Is Madbid Scam? A Nationwide Survey Says No


MadBid is a gamified e-commerce website that welcomes over 4 million registered users to have fun while shopping. Since 2008, the team have been researching the best ways to bring value and entertainment to online shoppers. Somewhere along the way the perception of MadBid has gone through a few chan...

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Android or iOS – 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Mix Them


The first thing to realise is mobile devices have opened up a world where apps are consider King. No longer is a Website sufficient, users need a dedicated native app that works like all the rest of the applications on the platform, whether that is Android or iOS, in order to spend time.   ...

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Is MadBid Legit? We Hear You Say


You might be surprised but  here at MadBid we read every comment, tweet, video blog and Like that comes through. A popular question that people are asking at the moment through a lot of social media channels is – Is MadBid Legit?   We are really not sure what the mystery is abo...

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Is Madbid Cheap? How Much Does it Really Cost?


If you have made the decision to buy a new gadget, you will obviously want the best deal. As you may have seen, MadBid’s auction prices are pretty hard to beat, so how is MadBid cheap? And how much does it really cost?   If you won an auction back in 2008, you probably would have en...

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Penny Auctions for Dummies – MadBid’s Review


If you are wondering how penny auctions work, look no further, we have devised the perfect penny auctions for dummies guide. So you probably heard that you can get brand new products for a fraction of the retail price through penny auctions. You also probably heard that penny auctions are a sca...

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5 Craziest Assumptions of How Madbid Scam You

05-02-2014 is a gamified shopping website that provides shoppers with the opportunity to bag some amazing bargains. The concept is really quite simple, but with so many theories on how madbid scams you, it has become a little mixed up. Today we are going to address some of these theories and provide...

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Does MadBid Scam You – Let’s Look at the Facts


Back in 2008, the founder of MadBid was determined to enter the already controversial shopping market of penny auctions; however the vision he had was something entirely different to the unpredictable and unclear functions of many penny auctions. So let’s have a look at the why this question k...

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How Does MadBid Work? Is it Safe?


This year we want to hear from you, we want to know if you win, lose or buy from MadBid. This week we want to answer the question that we are faced with everyday by new customers, how does MadBid work?   Online shopping is becoming the norm, with John Lewis’s awesome click and ...

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How to Get MadBid Credits


If you are wondering how to get  MadBid Credits to boost your firepower in auctions, fear not friends, we are going to list different ways you can get the extra credits you need to take on other madbidders in the MadBid auctions.   Remember, there is no rush….   The...

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3 Awards in 1 Year….. MadBid must be doing something right


The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 league table ranks Britain’s 100 private tech (TMT) companies with the fastest-growing sales over the latest three years. Past companies included, Sophos, and others. is proud to be listed in the 2012 league table that h...

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Let’s Celebrate… is now 4 Years Old!


The largest European pay-to-bid auction site is turning 4. Forget retail price tags, MadBid have one mission; to allow shoppers around Europe to bag amazing bargains on the latest brand new products. The company jumped on the retail map after a lucky bidder won a brand new Mini for £6.38 ba...

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How to buy and successfully run a telegram channel: tips and tricks


Social networks have become an integral part of our lives, and telegram channels are no exception. The ability to buy an existing channel and run it successfully opens up new opportunities for business and personal branding. In this article, we will tell you how to get a telegram channel on the madb...

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