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I sell a telegram channel




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Buy an account

When promoting any product, it is important to promote it among the target audience. For a blog, the main audience is social media followers. The most effective way to promote is to collaborate with other bloggers who can share their audience.

Mobile shopping in the account market is becoming more and more common, especially among young people. Social channels such as Instagram and Pinterest are playing an increasingly important role as sales platforms. One in five online shopper shopping on their mobile device does so on their social media.

From a household point of view, buying an account is the transfer (message) of a login and password (or other information that identifies the owner of an account in a particular system) from the seller to the buyer so that the buyer can fully manage the account, including changing the login and password.

Read on to find out where you can sell or buy a social media account to promote your own brand.

Where is the best place to sell an account?

In order to sell a promoted account on a social network, you need to visit special account trading platforms or group exchanges. It is these platforms that allow you to exchange data reliably and securely and receive payment.

Account exchanges are independent platforms that act as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller. The algorithm of this procedure is simple - you go to the trading platform, select the social network in which you want to implement an account, and set the price.

But often the question arises - where to sell an account. Among all existing exchanges, we can single out the most famous site for selling accounts - This is the best service that combines a convenient and simple interface and good prices for channels.

Current prices for accounts in the social. networks

Much depends on the complexity of the work performed, the time spent, the need for certain knowledge and simply financial costs. Therefore, an unambiguous answer cannot be given here - at best, some data can be given.

The value of an account is determined by different criteria, depending on the system in which it exists. If this is a computer game, then the more rating, weapons or skills the hero has, the more expensive the player's account. If we are talking about an online auction seller account, the price depends on the reputation of the person, that is, the history of successfully completed transactions and positive customer reviews

It is difficult to name a specific price for an account, channel or public, but you can identify the main factors that make it up.

  • The number of subscribers.

  • Subscriber activity.

  • The number of interactions with your posts (likes and comments).

In general, a "pumped" account can cost more than $300.

How to buy an account through an auction?

If you want to purchase an account on social networks, we recommend that you take a closer look at such a method as an auction. On the Internet, you can buy accounts in the social networks VKontakte, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Most often they are sold in packages, and given the growing popularity of social networks at the moment, this is a very good product - the sellers themselves write that demand and prices have recently increased. Much less often they buy one separate account, which, for example, has several tens of thousands of active readers.

In order to buy a channel through an auction, the buyer needs to follow a simple algorithm of actions.

  1. Go to a special exchange of social network accounts or a platform for buying and selling accounts.

  2. Select the social network you are interested in.

  3. Set the parameters to find the optimal account and study the proposed selection.

  4. Once you've made up your mind, indicate the price at which you'd be willing to make a purchase.

The seller will see your offer with a price and, if satisfied, will confirm the transaction.

You can change the offered price several times.

Selling a channel through a site for selling accounts

In order not to stumble upon scammers when selling or buying an account on social networks, it is important to choose platforms with a good reputation or make transactions through a secure transaction guarantor service.

Fraud when buying accounts

The most common occurrence is the sale of stolen accounts. You will be convinced that the account is personal, but no serious arguments will be given. It is important to conduct a thorough analysis before buying social media accounts in order to avoid trouble and scams.

The first thing you should pay attention to is linking an account to a phone number. The binding must be at least two months old. It is better if the account is linked to the phone a year ago or older.

Next, carefully study the link to the email. The scheme is the same. This will allow you to protect yourself and buy a stolen account.

An important aspect is also the price of the account. The price must match other parameters. If you see that the account has a large active audience, and costs only $20, then it is most likely stolen.

These criteria will allow you to evaluate your account and avoid contacting scammers.

Transaction guarantee through a guarantor

If you want to protect yourself as much as possible and buy an account that will be reliable, we recommend that you conduct transactions through a guarantor. First of all, it is an organized platform that complies with the regulations and its safe transaction policy. Such a service will analyze the transaction in detail, help you make a purchase, sale or exchange on the Internet of absolutely any account.

The priority of the guarantor of the sale of accounts is a conscientious and high-quality work for our clients. Any complexity of the transaction is as safe as possible only through the guarantor exchange. Choose only professional services on the Internet and get the best result.

Buy an account with followers

You can not maintain a profile from scratch and not spend time and money on attracting subscribers, but get a ready-made audience. And even the one you need: among the many offers, it's easy to find profiles that people of a certain age from a certain region are subscribed to. You can spend less on a purchase than on promotion from scratch, so it's profitable.

Also, accounts with live subscribers can buy for gray methods of promotion - spam, mass following and mass liking. For these purposes, it is not at all necessary to choose profiles with a large number of followers - it is enough that they are “live”: with publications, comments, likes and private messages.

Pros and cons of selling an account through a guarantor

Selling an account through a guarantor has its advantages and disadvantages. To summarize, highlighting the main ones:

  • Checking if the transaction is legal and does not violate the rights of one of the participants;

  • Monitoring how the parties fulfill obligations;

  • Tracking so that the customer receives the product or service in a timely manner, and the contractor receives payment.

  • Additional spending.

  • Probably a longer time for the transaction through the guarantor.

Thus, buying and selling “advanced” accounts on the exchanges of subscribers is a great practice for those who want to quickly and efficiently develop their business and gain an audience. In order for the transaction to pass reliably and safely, it is better to use the services of a guarantor of the account sale service.