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Buy page Vkontakte

Self-creation and promotion of a community in VK can take a lot of time, and besides, it can cost a tidy sum. If you do not have the time and desire to develop a community from scratch, then you can buy Vkontakte pages. So you will quickly get an already assembled audience for your goals and be able to do more important things. Let's take a look at the entire process of buying VK pages, from choosing a community to taking precautions.

Where is the best place to buy a Vkontakte group?

In order to buy a VK page, there are special VK account stores or account exchanges that make it possible to purchase a promoted page on any social network. This process is as follows: the seller sends the passwords and phone number of the group creator's account to the guarantor, and the buyer sends money to the guarantor. After the buyer checks the data and changes it to his own, the guarantor sends the funds to the seller. For this service, the intermediary takes a percentage of the transaction.

The exchange guarantees reliability, because it serves as an intermediary of the transaction and assumes the responsibility to ensure security. Among the existing platforms, the best is distinguished -

In the necessary sections of the forum, publish ads for the sale of VKontakte communities and wait for messages in a personal. Just do not post a link to the group, only a description, statistics, prices, and so on. You will be asked for links to statistics in PM, send in private messages.

Actual prices for a group in Vk

Prices for Vkontakte channels are usually unstable, because most transactions go through an auction. It is important to understand that the final cost of the public is influenced by many factors, the main of which are:

  • the number of subscribers;

  • indicator of audience activity.

It is important to choose the “right” account that suits your audience. Subscribers should be interested in your offer, which is why the first thing to pay attention to is the target audience.

The minimum price for an unpromoted account on the social network Vkontakte is $5.

How to buy a group through an auction?

One of the simplest and most common ways to conduct a transaction is to buy / sell VKontakte groups through an auction. This procedure is quite simple to implement.

  1. The buyer goes to the appropriate exchange and selects a social network.

  2. Next, in the parameters, you need to specify the channels you need to filter the appropriate channels.

  3. You need to specify the price for which the buyer is willing to purchase an account.

Further, it is up to the seller - if he is satisfied with the price, he will approve the deal. The buyer will send the money, and the seller will send the data from the account.

Selling a group through a guarantor exchange

If you do not want to stumble upon a scammer, then you need to protect yourself. The guarantor of transactions will help you with this. The mediator has its own characteristics:

  • Full protection against scammers: when conducting a transaction through the Guarantor in a special conversation.

  • 100% Reliability of the transaction: the buyer, 100% will receive the goods, and the seller will receive the money when the transaction is carried out through the Guarantor.

  • Money Back Guarantee: If a transaction is canceled without a good reason, the money goes to a refund.

This is how you can buy a VKontakte page safely.

Fraud when buying a Vkontakte group

Fraudsters in the field of selling VKontakte groups are found everywhere. Many scammers trade in stolen accounts and channels, on which, as you understand, it is impossible to run a successful business and develop it. That is why conducting a transaction through a guarantor is a very relevant procedure.

Guarantee of the guarantor exchange when selling the group

Garant is a service for making secure transactions on the Internet of varying complexity. When selling or buying a VK account via the Internet, you never know who your counterparty is really. Both parties are interested in the transaction being as fair as possible and consistent with the agreements. In this case, the guarantor is an intermediary in your trade relations in order to exclude deception and dishonesty of any of the parties. Do you want to be confident and calm? With us it's easy and simple!

Buy a Vkontakte page with income

The most convenient option for buying VK pages to promote your business is a channel with income that already has a sufficient number of subscribers. This option will allow you not to waste time on promotions, but to start selling your product right away.

Pros and cons of selling a page through a guarantor

A transaction through a guarantor has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • You are completely protected from deception.

  • The intermediary assumes all risks.

  • You can choose any channel you like and purchase it using the guarantor service.

  • It may take longer due to the execution of contracts.

Thus, if you want to start promoting your business and buy a VKontakte public, then choose a safe and reliable option - a deal through a security guarantor.