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Buy Facebook group

The question of where to buy a Facebook group is of interest to everyone who makes money on the Web. After all, finding ads is not a problem, but how not to run into fraud is a big question. Today we will talk about exchanges and services where you can buy and sell a Facebook group with a guarantee of a deal. And if you decide to conduct a transaction directly, here you will find safety rules for buying and selling publics. Let's take a look at how and where to buy a Facebook channel.

Where is the best place to buy a facebook page?

In order to acquire a quality Facebook channel, it is important to use reliable and proven resources. Facebook ad exchanges serve as intermediaries between both parties and make things easier for everyone. Therefore, for those who need to know everything about it, we are talking about the best Facebook exchanges that successfully work in the popular messenger. We present to your attention the best exchange for selling Facebook channels. positions itself as a platform that brings together advertisers and bloggers. To date, is perhaps the most popular advertising exchange on Facebook, and not only, but also on other popular social networks: Twitter, Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. is the easiest and fastest way to get an interested target audience in a few hours. This popular ad exchange only specializes in Facebook ads.

Actual prices for facebook groups

The cost of a Facebook channel can depend on many factors, the main ones being:

  • the number of subscribers;

  • the number of views on posts;

  • active audience ratio.

The larger each of the parameters, the higher the price of the Facebook channel. To get you started on a quantitative indicator, you can focus on such numbers - an unpromoted empty channel can cost you $ 7-10.

If you are interested in more developed platforms that are completely ready to promote your business, then it is better to choose already filled channels. The cost of a Facebook channel of this kind starts at $300.

How to buy a Facebook group through an auction?

One of the most popular ways to buy a Facebook channel is through auctions. This is a simple and quick way to implement a public at a price that will suit both the buyer and the seller.

The algorithm for participating in auctions to buy a Facebook channel is quite simple:

  • Go to a special exchange.

  • Specify the social network for which you would like to buy a Facebook channel.

  • Enter the price that you consider optimal for this offer.

Next - wait. If the seller considers your price acceptable, he will open a deal. You can offer different prices multiple times.

Selling a group through a guarantor exchange

The safest way to buy a Facebook channel is through a guarantor. This is a reliable option, because the transaction involves an intermediary who has a good reputation and guarantees security.

Fraud when buying a Facebook page

Buying and selling channels on Facebook is not an easy and not the safest process. In this connection, both the seller and the buyer try to be as careful as possible. Most often, transactions are carried out through reputable guarantors. The reason for this is the huge number of scammers who trade in stolen accounts. That is why you need to carefully select the exchange on which you are going to buy a Facebook channel, and even better, buy a public one on Facebook through a guarantor service.

Guarantee exchange guarantee when selling a channel

Buying / selling Facebook channels begins with the fact that both parties to the transaction connect to the chat with the guarantor.

The deal goes like this:

  • the buyer transfers to the guarantor the full amount of the transaction, including the commission of the guarantor

  • the seller sends the account to the guarantor for verification

  • the guarantor checks the possibility of linking a new phone, an account hangar and a linked mailbox.

  • after that the buyer checks the account

  • if the buyer has arranged an account, the phone is tied to the account and mail, passwords and the security question of the mail are changed.

  • after that, the money is transferred to the seller and the transaction is completed.

If problems appear at any stage of the transaction (it is impossible to bind a phone, the hangar does not match the declared one, etc.), this issue is discussed directly with the buyer. The transaction is completed only when he agrees to this.

Buy Facebook channel with income

It's no secret that it's much more profitable to buy an already promoted Facebook channel that will immediately generate income. Such publics already have their own active audience, so you will not need to spend additional funds on promotion.

Before you buy a TG channel, it is important to take your time and analyze it.

To get started, learn more about the audience - it should match the one that will be targeted for your business.

Evaluate the audience and its activity - before you buy a live Facebook channel, ask the owner to temporarily add you to the list of administrators to study the platform “from the inside”.

View activity through special programs such as tgstat and others.

These criteria will help you buy a Facebook channel with subscribers.

Pros and cons of selling a channel through a guarantor

  • Selling an account through a guarantor has its advantages and disadvantages. To summarize, highlighting the main ones:

  • Checking if the transaction is legal and does not violate the rights of one of the participants;

  • Monitoring how the parties fulfill obligations;

  • Tracking so that the customer receives the product or service in a timely manner, and the contractor receives payment.

  • Additional spending.

  • Probably a longer time for the transaction through the guarantor.

Thus, buying and selling “advanced” accounts on the exchanges of subscribers is a great practice for those who want to quickly and efficiently develop their business and gain an audience. You can buy a Facebook income channel to ease your business development journey. In order for the transaction to pass reliably and safely, it is better to use the services of the guarantor of the Facebook channel sale service.