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Tik Tok

Social networks

50 500 Subscribers

$ 85

Tik Tok


18 500 Subscribers

$ 75



1 555 Subscribers

$ 8


Fashion and beauty

1 120 Subscribers

$ 26



659 Subscribers

$ 13

2050 sub and 900 stable views


2 050 Subscribers

$ 28

Telegram channel 1000 subs


1 025 Subscribers

$ 5

sell telegram channel


2 000 Subscribers

$ 37



3 000 Subscribers

$ 50



1 200 Subscribers

$ 10

Crypto Usar


540 Subscribers

$ 6

P2P Crypto


220 000 Subscribers

$ 200

Crypto-Signals | 2022 created


500 Subscribers

$ 100

Pietermaritzburg Classifieds

6 800 Subscribers

$ 35

Chris Evans Fans

3 980 Subscribers

$ 20



2 600 Subscribers

$ 20


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Briefly about the process:

Why do we need a group exchange?

In modern realities, the idea of buying an account or selling an account that already has a certain audience can bring good money.

First of all, in order to start such a promising business, you need to go through all the stages and “get the hang of it.” First you need to choose a site that acts as a kind of guarantor. The entire process takes place through it, including the completion of a financial transaction. A good example of such a guarantor would be Madbid. The site is simple and quite profitable: purchasing social networks through a guarantor occurs without unnecessary problems.

Where is the best place to buy an account?

Special platforms for selling accounts will allow you to get a page on a social network or website. She will have many subscribers and an active audience.

Before you start using the account market, it’s worth understanding why a subscriber exchange is needed at all:

to increase activity on your page;

to advertise a product or service;

to increase activity on your brand page.

At its core, the account marketplace serves as a kind of market: you can go to the platform and buy or try to sell an active account. This is a simple way to sell accounts.

What types of social media accounts?

Now there are many different websites and social networks where you can relax, sell a service or product. This is why the site for selling accounts is so popular.

For which social networks is the account trading platform suitable:



Tik Tok;


A quality account selling site will offer many offers to buy or sell pages on these platforms. The most popular store for social network accounts for this. There are a lot of offers like “selling a group” or “selling my page.”

Current prices for accounts through the guarantor

You will need an exchange of social network accounts first of all to buy pages. They can be both public and private.

What are the most popular platforms offered by the account exchange:

Instagram and YouTube. Influencers with large and active audiences on Instagram or YouTube can be attractive to advertisers. They may post paid posts or collaborate in affiliate programs.

Commercial pages on Facebook. Business Facebook pages can be used to target advertising, create custom content, and engage audiences.

Corporate accounts on LinkedIn. It is LinkedIn that is used for a professional network and can be effective for various advertising and building a professional brand.

Twitter accounts with a large audience. Twitter can be useful for advertising, particularly for publishing short informational messages and communicating with your audience.

TikTok accounts. TikTok is now becoming a popular platform for advertising, especially among young people. Users can post promotional videos or collaborate with brands.

It is important to remember that the success of an advertising campaign also depends on creativity, the right focus, the right choice of audience and other factors. Therefore, when purchasing this or that page, you should look at the statistics on all these issues.

Buying and selling an account on the exchange

To buy or sell a page, there are a few details to pay attention to. First, you need a guarantor exchange, and only then registration on such a special website. It will allow you to view advertisements and contact the seller.

Buying and selling through the exchange is quite fast. After this, a deal is concluded, funds are transferred to the seller and rights to the page are transferred to the buyer. All these processes take place through the guarantor’s website.

Exchange guarantor guarantee when selling accounts

The name of the guarantor already speaks for itself. However, there are some aspects of how to choose the right guarantor and what to focus on:

Let's return to choosing a guarantor site. Choose well-known and reliable guarantor exchanges with extensive experience in this area, for example, Madbid. Check reviews from other users about the site.

Familiarization with the terms of use. The activity is not the most interesting, but before using the services of a guarantor, carefully read the terms of use of the platform or exchange. They may contain important rules and restrictions.

Determining the scope of the guarantee. Check with the guarantor on the scope of the guarantee and the terms of the agreements. This may include account verification, owner authentication, and other steps.

Refund Policy. Study the rules for refunds in case the transaction is unsuccessful or controversial situations arise.

Security and privacy. Check how the guarantor ensures the security and confidentiality of data during the transaction.

Please remember that each platform has its own terms and conditions and must be followed. Be careful and do not enter into transactions if you are not sure of the safety and fairness of the transaction.

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