Sell my TikTok with almost 80k subscribers

10-06-2024 15:12 | 10-06-2024 15:12
10-06-2024 15:12 | 10-06-2024 15:12

Sell my TikTok with almost 80k subscribers

(on madbid since: 07-06-2024)
Sale type: Full transfer of rights
Category: Family
Date of creation: 6 months (01.12.2023)

Hi all. I am selling my account, which I created to raise funds for my dog’s treatment, unfortunately, it’s did not work out and my dog passed away. I have no desire to develop this account due to its original goal, so I am selling it.

Benefits of the account: active video audience, many videos received more than 200k views (a couple videos reached more than 500k, one 8.4mil.),can be replaced for any purpose, it is already possible with all the account data: nickname and so on. Geo: USA. Also you can monetize videos. Write me with any questions, I will answer quickly. I archived my old videos, can delete them if necessary.

The account’s audience is very active, if it weren’t for the original goal, I would have developed the channel further, but I can’t personally imagine myself in this role. It is possible to enable monetization, go live , receive gifts, launch a TikTok shop, I will add everything to screenshots.


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