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07-12-2023 21:24 | 07-12-2023 21:24
07-12-2023 21:24 | 07-12-2023 21:24

Crypto Industry | News

(on madbid since: 07-12-2023)
Sale type: Full transfer of rights

🛒 We have the highest quality and most popular channels on the stock exchange 💰

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The channel is fully ready for business, has been added to all possible channel catalogs, and there are regular requests for advertising.

📌 Live subscribers, attracted by the purchase of advertising in top public sites. There are a large number of communities available for any budget and for any task. Daily posts, views, channel activity.

💣 The channels are hand-made, ideal for a quick start. The channel is fully prepared for further development in this or similar topics. The crystal clear history of all the communities being sold, not cleaned before sale, not stolen, not brut, not retrive. The channel has never violated the rules of the community and will not be blocked.

💬 Channel transfer is only through ownership rights. There is no possibility that the group will be banned, returned, restored, or somehow interfered with