Telegram channel for the city is for sale - an ideal solution for a variety of needs

27-11-2023 13:46 | 29-11-2023 15:45

316 Subscribers

2.00 Monthly income

$ 10 Buy
27-11-2023 13:46 | 29-11-2023 15:45

Telegram channel for the city is for sale - an ideal solution for a variety of needs

(on madbid since: 27-11-2023)
Sale type: Full transfer of rights
Category: Cooking | Jobs | Hobby
Date of creation: 3 months (26.11.2023)

I sell a Telegram channel created specifically for the city (or other topics). The channel is in active development and has significant potential for monetization.

Channel Description:

The channel is tuned to a specific city (or topic) and offers content that is interesting to its residents (or target audience). This can be information about current events, news, events, offers and discounts at local restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, as well as other useful information.
The channel has a high level of activity and a large audience of subscribers, which continues to grow. This provides a potential buyer with the opportunity to immediately reach their target audience and begin to promote their products, services or ideas as effectively as possible.
The channel includes a variety of content, including text posts, photos, videos and more. This allows you to attract more people, keep their attention and create an active community around the channel.
The channel can be easily maintained, updated and improved, since there is no need to develop a new platform or create a new application. All management is carried out through a Telegram account.
There is an opportunity to create advertising partnerships and receive additional income from advertising on the channel.
Advantages of the buyer:

The ability to quickly and effectively promote your products, services or ideas among buyers interested in a given city (or subject).
A ready-made active audience of subscribers who are ready to receive information from the new owner of the channel.
The possibility of developing a business in a particular industry or dominating the market of a given city.
General information:

The sale price of the channel and its advertising conditions are discussed with interested buyers individually.
After the purchase, full access to the channel will be granted and all rights to the content will be transferred to the new owner.