Telegram Channel of IT-Technology

20-11-2023 20:05 | 23-11-2023 22:07

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20-11-2023 20:05 | 23-11-2023 22:07

Telegram Channel of IT-Technology

(on madbid since: 20-11-2023)
Sale type: Full transfer of rights
Category: Business | IT / Internet | Education
Date of creation: 5 months (23.09.2023)

For sale: Established Telegram channel focusing on IT technologies and news. Due to limited time availability stemming from primary work commitments, we are seeking to transfer ownership. This presents a prime opportunity for individuals or organizations aiming to enter the IT space with an already engaged audience. Serious inquiries from those keen on IT and its audience value are welcome, and we're open to discussing the terms of transfer. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to potentially passing the baton to a passionate individual or team.