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31-08-2023 09:47 | 02-09-2023 12:11

600 Subscribers

20.00 Monthly income

$ 15 Buy
31-08-2023 09:47 | 02-09-2023 12:11

Business | News

(on madbid since: 31-08-2023)
Sale type: Full transfer of rights
Category: Business

💣 The channel is ready for business 💡 Daily posts, views, activity on the channel. 💣 The channel was created by hand, ideal for a quick start. ✅ The channel is fully prepared for further development in this or regular topics. 🔔 Crystal clear history of all communities sold, not cleared before selling, not stolen, not brute, not retrieved. 👥 The channel has never violated the community rules and will not be blocked. 💬 Channel transfer only through ownership. ✅ There are no checks that the group will be banned, returned, doctors or somehow interfere with you.