KIBERSPORT канал 8,20$ в день

15-05-2024 12:00 | 15-05-2024 12:00

1 100 Подписчиков

250.00 Месячный доход

$ 17 Купить
15-05-2024 12:00 | 15-05-2024 12:00

KIBERSPORT канал 8,20$ в день

(на madbid с: 15-05-2024)
Тип продажи: Полная передача прав
Категория: Хобби
Дата создания: 3 дня (15.05.2024)

I am selling a telegram channel with the theme of eSports, we have already bought 2 advertisements in the telegram channel. Real people are subscribed to my channel because I bought advertising for it myself. I'm tired of doing it and don't have time, so I'm selling it. I'll explain how to sell advertising and get paid for about $8.20 a day and how to buy advertising if you want. The Telegram channel takes no more than an hour a day. It’s easy to make posts, write, buy, I’ll tell you everything! Write to PM


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