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Groups in Odnoklassniki

Despite the high popularity of such social networks as Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, the Russian social network. the Odnoklassniki network is still in demand by millions of residents of the CIS countries. A feature that OK accounts have is a high risk of blocking due to spam. In addition, when creating an OK ru profile, you need to indicate your phone number, and this causes certain difficulties if you need to register several pages for commercial activities on the network. That is why, if you plan to develop your business in social networks and increase your audience, we recommend that you buy a group in Odnoklassniki.

Where is the best place to buy the Odnoklassniki group?

If you do not want to waste your time registering Odnoklassniki profiles on your own, we offer you to buy an account in Odnoklassniki in the right quantity, with the necessary set of characteristics and with instant access.

An online store or an account exchange will help you with this, like no other. Each Odnoklassniki account presented on such sites is of high quality and ready to use.

Among the main exchanges where you can buy an Odnoklassniki account,

This site allows you to quickly and safely purchase any account you like.

Current prices accounts in Odnoklassniki

The price of accounts cannot be called stable, however, if you want to build on some quantitative indicator, then keep in mind that the starting cost for accounts in Odnoklassniki is $3. You can count on such a cost if you need an “empty” channel - without subscriptions and likes.

If you want to immediately start receiving income from your account, then it is better to choose a promoted channel. This can cost up to $1,000.

How to buy a group through an auction?

You can purchase accounts for Odnoklassniki 500 OK through an auction. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps:

  1. choose a product that meets all the requirements and read the description for it;

  2. then you need to click the "buy a group in Odnoklassnikis" button and enter your mail. You also need to specify the required number of accounts;

  3. indicate the amount you are willing to pay for the account;

  4. after checking the entered data, pay for the purchase by choosing the most convenient method for this;

  5. download accounts.

Accounts that are offered in the store are registered automatically and confirmed by SMS. Their profile is not filled, so they are suitable for solving almost any advertising tasks.

Selling a group through a guarantor exchange

The safest way to buy Odnoklassniki subscribers is to use the services of a guarantor service. This is an intermediary who assumes the obligation to ensure a positive outcome of the transaction. The guarantor protects both sides of the transaction: he guarantees that the seller will receive the money, and the buyer - the goods. If something goes wrong, the guarantor transfers the money to the injured party.

Fraud when buying ok group

When buying or selling accounts, you can very often stumble upon scammers who trade in stolen groups inOdnoklassniki or simply deceive you for money. Avoiding this situation is quite difficult. But there is a way out. You can use the services of a guarantor who minimizes risks and will definitely lead you to the desired result.

Guarantee of the guarantor exchange when selling the group

By simply placing your ad on the website of the exchange with a guarantor, you will definitely find a buyer who will be interested in your account. It's no secret that any account on a social network can be sold, while gaining a good amount of money from it. More and more, the social networking industry is gaining momentum, and with it, marketplaces for buying accounts go hand in hand. Many simply simply do not have time to develop accounts, so the option of acquiring an already developed, pumped group in Odnoklassniki for business comes into force.

For a safe and secure sale of an account, do the following algorithm:

  1. go to the exchange website;

  2. select the desired account in the desired social network;

  3. enter into an agreement with the guarantor;

  4. send the data from the channel to the guarantor and expect payment.

Buy ok income group

If you are interested in quick earnings, then pay attention to the already promoted channels in Odnoklassniki, which will bring you income immediately. With their help, you can start promoting your brand or product without spending time recruiting an audience, because there will already be subscribers in Odnoklassniki with income who are ready to buy your service.

Pros and cons of selling an account through a guarantor

The main task of the guarantor, of course, is safety. That is why if you buy an Odnoklassniki account, you will receive the following benefits:

  • both the buyer and the seller are guaranteed to receive what was promised;

  • the transaction will definitely end successfully;

  • increasing loyalty and increasing the customer base;

  • eliminates the risk of online fraud.

However, it is important to understand that such transactions also have their drawbacks - these are large time costs and possible additional cash investments.